Photo frame how to create a custom photo frame to give at Christmas

Photo frame: how to create a custom photo frame for Christmas ?

The All Saints’ Day vacations are coming to an end. You think of the next ones, those of Christmas, marked by the end of the year celebrations. This year, you decide to buy gifts early for your loved ones. Indeed, you want this Christmas to be the one of renewal in terms of gifts. You don’t want to find yourself running from store to store on Christmas Eve.

In this case, you always end up buying the same old gifts. So to mark this new holiday season, give the gift of custom, personalized … in short, a special gift that will mark your loved ones and they will not soon forget !

For this reason, one object is the ideal gift to adopt for Christmas, but also for any other occasion that requires giving gifts: the custom photo frame !

The frame is an object of craft which takes all its sense when manufactured by craftsmen framers from noble materials such as solid wood. When it surrounds a photo, you get a modern and aesthetic decorative element with a decidedly personal touch since you choose the photo. Moreover, the possibility to personalize your frame from A to Z makes the photo frame the perfect gift, between art object and personal souvenir.

If you are convinced but don’t know how to proceed to create the perfect photo frame, don’t worry.
We have prepared a short guide to custom framing your most beautiful photos as gifts..

Step 1 – Choosing the photo

First of all, you have to choose THE photo that will shine in the photo frame. For this, choose a photo that has meaning for the person to whom you offer it. Even better, find a memory that connects you to that person, so they think of you every time they walk by.

Souvenirs from vacations, dinner with friends, previous Christmas, all the happy moments The photos you have had the opportunity to capture deserve their place in a wooden frame. So rummage through your photo albums, scroll through your film of photos on your phone and you’re bound to find the photo that will hit the spot !

Step 2 – Choosing the print size

Once you have chosen your photo, you need to To determine the size at which it will be printed. There you can think big ! You can have your photo printed in a very large format for a massive frame that will be the main feature of a room. You can also opt for mini format and have a polaroid framed for example. Surprising but always successful ! For art lovers, you can also directly frame an art photograph of your favorite artist !

Step 3 – Personalizing the frame

The long-awaited stage of choosing the setting has finally arrived. Here, make yourself happy !
First of all, you have to choose the setting ! For a sober and minimalist but still elegant result, opt for a baguette which preserves the natural color of solid wood. For a vintage atmosphere, turn to the wood with a particular roughness, or to the gold and silver patina borders. Finally, if you want to have fun with the colors present on your photo, choose a colored stick !

Then, the type of framing you choose will give your frame a style all its own. Floating, classic, deep, each one has its characteristics and is there to delight the tastes of each one.

Finally, to complete the personalization of your photo frame, add a master key ! No obligation, moreover the larger the photo print, the more the passe-partout is forgotten. Your framer can offer it in different colors and with different styles. Thus, your setting will be like no other and you will be able to boast of making a 100% original gift to your loved one for Christmas.

Once you have received your custom photo frame, add a note to the person you want to spoil. Tell him the story of this frame from A to Z, from the initial photo to the personalization of the frame by you. Place your gift under the tree and watch the lucky recipient unwrap his or her gift with eyes full of stars !