Blisters at the feet because they come

Blisters at the feet, because they come

The blisters on the feet They are lesions in relief on the skin, full of transparent liquid, due to excessive pressure and continuous rubbing for example when wearing certain footwear.

This manifests itself especially in summer

This manifests itself especially in summer when wearing open shoes, when the skin is more humid because of sweat or foot it is swelling for the heat.

The blisters appear everywhere there is so friction on the sole of the foot, on the heel or between the fingers of the feet.

Once they appear, they cause pain, burning, redness and sometimes even itching.

They heal alone in a few days when the liquid reabsorbs; In case of accidental break, the liquid will escape and a crust will be created which will then heal alone in about a week.

If, on the other hand, they are infected, the liquid will take on a purulent appearance and it will be better to medicate.

But how to prevent blisters and avoid all this?

First of all you must prevent friction from being created and this can be done by preferring shoes that do not go too close or too wide.

If, on the other hand, new shoes are worn that must soften or plan to walk for a long time, better to apply substances that reduce friction (or plaster).

When it comes to closed shoes, do not forget to wear more padded socks, without seams and that do not wet (therefore cotton socks can be discarded that immediately wet in contact with sweat and make the skin moisten, leading to the appearance of blisters).

To prevent the appearance of the blisters, there are then special sticks on the market that make the skin more slippery or alternatively you can spread the vaseline.

Furthermore, there are some silicone covers which, in addition to preventing the appearance of the blisters, are also ideal for those with the calluses, dry skin and heels chapping.