Zumba how much is consumed with this activity

Zumba, how much is consumed with this activity?

Zumba It is a combination of dance and aerobic gymnastics and is a sporting activity that involves the execution of different choreography ranging from hip-hop to samba, from sauce to merengue and mambo. In the case that you follow online courses as it is very fashionable today, always do a good heating to avoid accidents.

While these choreography are performed, exercises such as squats and lunges are also done.

There are different types of zumba courses:

  • Zumba Gold for beginners and the elderly;
  • Zumba Step aimed at stimulating the lower part of the body, which incorporates the zumba routines, aerobic gymnastics and Latin dance;
  • Zumba Toning To integrate the use of “Toning Sticks“That is, dumbbells and training abdominals, thighs and arms but also other muscles (it is a cardio activity);
  • Aqua zumba which takes place in a swimming pool;
  • Zumba in the circuit Combine dance with circuit training.

But there are many other types: a lesson lasts about 60 minutes and calories are burning by carrying out this motor activity connected to the dance, having fun.

It therefore serves, not only as aerobic training, then to strengthen the muscles but also to stay in shape, lose weight, educate children to move and above all to have fun.

But how much is consumed with this activity?

A study has shown that after an hour of lessons, a subject can Burn from 300 to 900 kcal.

So you can consume a lot of energy after a zumba lesson even if it is not said that it necessarily lose weight precisely because it is always essential that the calories burned are superior to those taken.