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How to live a fulfilling pregnancy ?

Being pregnant means living together in the same body and at the same pace. Therefore, it is imperative to avoid taking risks that could jeopardize the good progress of the pregnancy. As a mother-to-be, having the right gestures during pregnancy helps reduce the risk of complications during childbirth.

How to educate yourself in order to give birth to a healthy baby ? Well, you should know that with the help of good specialists, sport and some other care, you will put all the chances on your side.

How to improve your baby’s growth ?

A pregnant woman usually eats for two, not because she is gluttonous, but because of her child. This is why the mother-to-be must have a healthy diet in order not to damage the health of her baby. It is healthier for her to eat more fruits and vegetables. These foods contain a lot of proteins that are necessary for the baby’s growth.

Better yet, the vitamin C in these foods gives you enough energy throughout your pregnancy. Also, the calcium and vitamin D that these foods give you nourish your muscles after any exercise. Do not neglect the consumption of fruits and vegetables, because the lack of vitamins can be detrimental to your health and that of your baby.

Other foods such as raw milk cheese or smoked fish are not good for your pregnancy.

Be aware that alcohol consumption is not recommended for pregnant women. Alcohol can cause abnormalities and malformations in your baby, and even hinder its development. You may even have your pregnancy terminated due to the negative effects of alcohol.

What would happen in case of illnesses ? Well, we don’t want to wish the worst. In fact, we strongly recommend that you seek professional advice (such as health insurance advisors).ch) that can help you choose the right health insurance. The latter should be in adequacy with your needs and your budget in order to cover you if necessary or to make you benefit from certain pleasant advantages.

Avoid muscle pain with sports

We all know how exhausting a pregnancy can be. However, this is not a reason to lie around all day. Many physical exercises can relax you and make your pregnancy easier. Remember that swimming is a sport that can have a relaxing effect on your body. It does not require much physical effort on your part like most other physical activities.

Swimming is a very complete sport that has the luxury of working all of your muscles and consequently avoiding muscular pain related to your pregnancy.

At the same time, brisk walking or jogging will help reduce your risk of heart disease. It’s important not to walk at the same pace as professional athletes. It is a short walk in the middle of nature that allows you (you and your baby, you are now 2) to oxygenate better. A brisk 10-minute walk is more than enough for your pregnancy.

Always make sure that you are accompanied during this exercise by someone close to you who will support you if necessary.

Maintain your muscular activity with a physiotherapist

Muscle pain can make a pregnancy very painful. Now you don’t have to worry about it. The physical therapist is a specialist who will help you work your muscles to silence any muscle pain. Several relaxation exercises will be suggested by the gynecologist to allow you to massage the concerned muscle areas. In other words, with the physiotherapist, you will have several muscle massage sessions to tone your muscles.

You will be taught how to control your breathing during the different exercises to better relax your body and the baby. These prenatal exercises also prepare your mind for the arrival of your baby. It is important to note that the psychological preparation you receive has an impact on your nervous system and makes you even more relaxed.

The feeling of well-being that you will get from these physical therapy sessions is greatly beneficial to your pregnancy.

Get prenatal care from a good gynecologist

Prenatal medical exams must be brought by a gynecologist. It is a medical-surgical specialist who generally takes care of the good progress of a pregnancy. You should make sure that you choose a good gynecologist and not an amateur in order to receive the best care.

Once you have chosen your gynecologist, he or she has the duty to accompany you throughout your pregnancy. Avoid missing prenatal consultations scheduled by your doctor to allow him/her to do his/her job properly.
Moreover, it is not recommended to change gynecologist on a whim. Unless, the latter is very incompetent, unwell or unfortunately dies. However, it should be noted that certain abnormalities found during your pregnancy may lead your gynecologist to seek the advice of another gynecologist. You should not be upset by this, as it is for your own good and that of your baby.

It is also to prevent you from ending up in a critical state due to malpractice. So always pay attention to your gynecologist’s advice for a healthy pregnancy.

Preserve your beauty by seeing a dermatologist

Skin problems often occur during pregnancy. With a good dermatologist, you can treat your skin imperfections without using products that could endanger your pregnancy. The dermatologist, as a skin care professional, will be able to prescribe appropriate creams. If you have stretch marks, acne or other problems, the latter can be treated after thorough examination. Too many pregnant women today entrust their skin problems to charlatans who rob them by prescribing products that worsen their health.

Many women die in hospital corridors these days after trusting the wrong people for this type of problem. Avoid making the same mistakes at all costs. Always get a good diagnosis from a dermatologist. Looking for beauty is useless if you can’t enjoy it in the end.