The mattress topper for a healthy and restful sleep

The mattress topper: a bedding item that is good for you

Of all the bedding items, the mattress has the greatest impact on the quality of your sleep and therefore, by extension, your comfort of life. Here’s the thing: the mattress is also the most expensive bedding component. For a premium product that will be your ally for a healthy and restful sleep, it will be necessary to count several hundreds of euros… at the very least. But have you thought about the mattress topper ? The point in this article !

The mattress overlay: a more durable alternative than you might think

In France, mattresses worthy of the name start at 500 €. Below this level, you will end up with a bedding item that is not very comfortable and that will most likely sag during the first year of use. By definition, the mattress is used daily for several hours. This is why no compromise is allowed on its quality and sturdiness.

But what to do if you don’t have the necessary budget ? No need to panic. You are going to be able to opt for a less expensive alternative that, contrary to what you might think, is not simply a stopgap measure.

The mattress topper is installed on your mattress to give you extra thickness, but not only :

  • It will allow you to control the level of firmness of your sleeping support;
  • It will help you remedy allergic problems (depending on the model);
  • It will protect a premium mattress from stains and dirt;
  • It will provide you with a customized sleep experience if it is memory foam.

My mattress is too firm

Perhaps you bought a firm mattress on the advice of the seller ? It is generally recommended that stomach sleepers opt for a rather stiff sleeping support. If your mattress has proven to be too firm, we recommend that you opt for a mattress topper of good thickness and rather soft.

My mattress is a first price model

We’d all like to sleep like kings, but we don’t have any idea what to do’Not all of us have the budget to afford luxury bedding. But it’s easier to buy the best mattress topper than to buy a premium mattress. You can opt for an economical mattress and complement it with a good mattress topper. Be careful not to buy a low-end mattress.

It will end up collapsing completely. Your mattress topper won’t do anything for you.

My old mattress is sagging day by day

Over time, mattresses develop dimples and s’sagging. When this happens, you can end up with a number of physical problems, including :

  • Chronic neck pain;
  • Stiffness in the back of the neck, especially when you wake up;
  • Back pain;
  • Joint discomfort;
  • Difficulty in sleeping’No need to worry about falling asleep and waking up at night.

It’s simple: you’ll have to opt for a new mattress. The mattress topper, no matter how good it is, will not be able to do anything on a mattress that now has hollows and other irregularities in its shape. It will simply sink in and follow the non-physiological curvature of your mattress.

Ideally, if you are on a tight budget, you should opt for a standard mattress and a good mattress topper.

My mattress sleeps too hot

Your body temperature must be able to drop slightly so that you can sleep more deeply. That’s why hot showers, physical activity and heavy meals should be avoided just before going to bed. A mattress that is hot and causes thermoregulation problems at night will complicate your sleep.

In this case, opt for a thick mattress topper (which will isolate you from your mattress), moderately firm (firmness index of 12) and breathable. Avoid memory foam. Even if it allows an excellent sleeping comfort by perfectly fitting your body, it generates heat.