What is a sales funnel in marketing Charliebirdy

Qu’Is it that’a marketing sales funnel ?

Whether you know it or not, you have a marketing funnel. A lot of heat’companies n’have no idea what to expect’Is such a channel or how to measure it.

If you have an amazing product or offer a phenomenal service, but aren’t generating leads or making sales, then you need to dive into the’s universe’marketing funnel. If your business is doing well and you don’t have a lot of customers, then you’ll need to prove your value’If you haven’t studied your funnel beforehand, this post will help you maintain and even improve your sales.

Qu’What is it?’a marketing funnel ?

We can consider the marketing funnel in the same way’s marketing funnel as well as the customer journey’buyer. C’is the path your customers take to find you and become buying customers. L’funnel n’is that’a visual metaphor to simplify the concept.

A funnel is a cylindrical object that is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. A true physical funnel, it is used to channel and control the liquids from the Internet’a source for’other, without knocking them over. You want to use the’The marketing funnel can be considered in the same way – to channel your consumers in order to generate leads’They are no longer just visitors but become loyal customers.

While the variables change from’a company to’Regardless of your marketing funnel sector or customer journey, the basic principles and process remain the same.

How it works ?

A marketing funnel has four distinct stages. No matter what your industry is, you need to be able to show them that you can solve their problem or offer them what they need’If your business is doing well and you have to prove your value, your potential customers all follow a very similar path to become paying customers. The four steps are specially designed marketing efforts targeted at your target audience:

  • Awareness;
  • Leads;
  • L’sales pitch ;
  • Sales.

Understanding your customers’ behavior can help you find holes in your marketing funnel where prospects and leads are leaving the company’The key to standing out and standing out from the crowd is to make sure that your customers know where they are going, where they are giving up and never converting, so that you can find ways to fill that gap’You’re missing out and you need to find out how to keep them interested’increase your sales.

1. How to educate your audience ?

Approximately 90% of online searches are conducted via Google, and Google sees 3.5 billion searches every day. If you don’t’If you don’t have an online presence, these statistics should tell you how your customers find you and become customers’It’s time to create a website. You can also start creating high value-added content by opening a blog for example. It will allow your customers to improve their knowledge, find tips and tricks, etc. When writing your website or blog, you need to make sure that you have the right information’optimize for search engines (SEO).

Many ways to get your message across’optimize your site such as: reduce your links, create qualitative content, reduce the loading time of your site, use strategic keywords or optimize your tags and metadata, among others. Finally, you can post your company on social networks, YouTube or on forums, communicate through influencers, etc. L’s important to stand out from the crowd’is to think outside the box.

2. How to generate leads ?

Once you have attracted your audience, you must show them that you can solve their problem or offer them what they need. To keep their attention, you need to write content that reflects these more specific search terms. In addition, you can highlight your values, your expertise, to get them to follow you.

3. How to convince your prospects ?

Your potential customers are starting to seriously consider their options and look for a solution to their problem. During this stage, you will have to convince them not to go to the competition. Continue to offer quality content, post testimonials or experiences of previous customers, create a’incentive to get your prospects to click (e.g. newsletter subscription).

4. How to generate sales ?

Here, you will have to prove your value to trigger the’act of’purchase. To do this, you can force fate by proposing for example welcome offers, a discount following a subscription to the newsletter, announcement of a new product, etc’an imminent stockout, etc. Any way you can to get your customers to click on the “add to cart” button. You also need to make sure that your sales channel is smooth until you get to Can Tho’at checkout to avoid losing your buyers at the last moment.