To improve your handball shots the best techniques

How to improve your handball shooting ?

In handball, mastering your shots and your speed spikes, c’is clearly to have the upper hand on the game and its opponents. You have stars in your eyes when you watch Thierry Omeyer or Guillaume Joly play, we understand you. Their handball shooting techniques are numerous and sometimes extremely spectacular. But what are their secrets to get us so excited about this sport? ?

How to shoot well in handball ?

A handball player, to achieve the best results, must know how to combine several physical qualities. This is why it is important to do sports, to develop flexibility, endurance, speed and power. Indeed, on the physiological level, the player must know how to use the develop the strength of the upper limbs as a priority.

build up your shoulders and wrists, to improve your handball shooting’a powerful and accurate shot.

At handball, There are different types of shots depending on the role that the trainer is playing’you occupy yourself in the’team :

  • The support shot or the suspension shot which allows an attacker to pass over the opponent’s body’The goal is to get closer to the goal and to give a great strength to the power of the shot.
  • The off-center shot, as its name suggests’indicates a shot that the’you practice on the court’It is a complex shot that can be used to surprise the opponent’it is difficult to master at the beginning of its practice.
  • The hip shot, c’is the most hated shot by the goalkeepers, because its trajectory is unpredictable.
  • The chabala shot, no this is not’is not a dance, it’s an art’is a very powerful shot with a lobbed wrist impulse.

In summary, to shoot well in handball and have a chance to perform, you need to how to position yourself and make smart passing, passes that make “live” the ball, It is the most important part of the game, because it is the most important part of the game, which gives majestic shots and points to the player’team. We remember to’a shot by Lars Andersson, a Danish player, recorded by the radars at more than 140 km/h, it’s a blast, isn’t it? ?

How to increase your shooting power in handball ?

In addition to the work of reflexes and incontinence’To be a good handball player, you have to know how to combine endurance, the power of shooting penalties in handball is a great moment, it’s the most important’is the shooter-guard duel par excellence. In a constant quest to improve the quality of the shot’explosiveness, players must have the right equipment, men’s handball shoes have their role to play in the training’increase the power of the shots, working their feet and the pilometry change of direction.

To be a good handball player, you must know how to combine the qualities and show that you are multidisciplinarity, and c’and that is where the difficulty lies. Know how to be fast as the’The winger has to be strong like Goliath. Your legs will be under constant pressure, from dribbling, body weight changes, stopping, jumping.

Strengthen your legs with heavy loads, will intensify your actions. Another part of your anatomy that’s in high demand: the wrist, it catches and s’Each player has his own style, but it must be solid and flexible at the same time.

Another important feature for a player to increase his power : know how to forget your failures and come back to your shooting range well concentrated, even after a failed attempt. Concentration and’observation of’Focus and concentration will help a player to consider the best playing situation and to make the right reflexes at the right time.

How to increase your shooting power in handball?

How to improve your shooting’wingman in handball ?

The role of l’wingman, c’is the role of the rocket of the’team, it keeps running and covering the longest distances on the court. It is the one that is at the’To improve your shots, the angle of the court between the sideline and the baseline. It shows’You need to have great speed to be ready to pounce on a counter-attack and immediately return to the defensive zone to protect the ball’entrance to its cage.

To improve your shots, the’The winger must be able to’have speed to be ready to pounce on a counter-attack and return immediately to the defensive zone’excellent placement on the ground and a open view on the game. He knows how to play elbows and often finishes the job on the counter-attack. His shots benefit from other elements’a good impulse’It must be flexible and know how to move continuously, to widen its field of vision’action and shoot with power in the goal.

He takes care of his supports and knows how to deceive the other side about his intentions.