Lectrostimulation definition and practice

Electrostimulation: definition and practice

Known since the 90’s, electrostimulation has changed a lot, especially in terms of efficiency ! In the gym or at home, you can now enjoy all the benefits of electrostimulation: getting back into shape, sports competition, muscle strengthening… Discover this revolutionary technique, currently very fashionable on the fitness market: definition, benefits and practical use, we tell you everything about electrostimulation !

L’electrostimulation: what is it?’is it’is ?

A recognized technique, theelectrostimulation is a method of muscle strengthening accessible to both professional athletes and Sunday joggers. Popularized by the general public, it is now possible to To do an electrostimulation session’electrostimulation at home without paying the price of a gym membership. Electrostimulation has followers all over the world: great athletes, models, actors and now influencers are praising its benefits to their community on social networks.

Indeed, the technique is approved and also used by health professionals such as physiotherapists or osteopaths.

The principle of electrostimulation is simple: electrodes placed on specific muscle groups send electrical impulses. Muscles contract in the same way that our brain would instruct them to, the nerve impulse being replaced by an electrical impulse. Far from the gadgets sold on TV shopping channels in the 90’s, today’s electrostimulation devices are effective, easy to use and they make you save money: 20 minutes of electrostimulation coupled with a sports session would correspond to 4 hours of a traditional session !

Electrostimulation: what is it?

What are the benefits ?

Electrostimulation is known for its many benefits benefits. Adapting to all profiles, all ages and all needs, this method must however be associated with a real physical activity to to reach the objectives fixed, such as :

  • strengthen and fortify its muscles;
  • Sculpting, toning and firming up your figure;
  • To prepare physically before an important physical effort (marathon, sports competition, etc.).) or simply as a warm-up;
  • Supporting and soliciting 100% of one’s muscles (or groups of muscles) during physical activity to amplify the results ;
  • recover effectively after physical effort, limit muscle soreness and fight against muscle injuries;
  • combine it with perineal rehabilitation.

Some electrostimulation devices also have advantages over others analgesic programs to relax and soothe the muscles. The impulses target the nerve zones that stimulate the secretion of endorphins in the brain. Concerning the weight loss, electrostimulation does not make you lose weight if it is not also associated with regular physical activity and a healthy, balanced diet.

What are the benefits?

How to do it ?

To be really effective, electrostimulation must be combined with physical activity. Squats, pilates, abs, push-ups, sheathing: for an electrostimulation session at home. treadmill, bicycle, dance and all other sports activities, in the gym or outdoors. Accessible to all, you can now do electrostimulation where and when you want.

Have a sports coach accompany you during your first electrostimulation sessions. He will explain to you how your equipment works, how to use it and he can also give you advice on how to use it’use or specific exercises depending on the goals you set. For to do electrostimulation, Nothing could be easier:

  • place the electrodes on the targeted muscle areas (abdominal, buttocks, lumbar, back, etc.).). The devices on the market are adapted to each area of the body;
  • choose physical exercises that work the same area as the electrodes: do dynamic sessions once or twice a week. The muscles need several days of rest after an electrostimulation session;
  • your electrostimulation/physical activity session should last about 20 minutes on average.

Simple to use and truly effective, electrostimulation now has many followers around the world. A real ally during your sports sessions, electrostimulation helps you reach your physical goals without any aggression to the muscles.