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How to have a denser and fuller beard ?

The density of the beard, This is a very interesting topic of discussion that often creates an unexpected buzz for some people, while others don’t have to lift a finger because their full, dense beard. And then you think “that’s really not fair.”.

As with hair, unfortunately we are not all equal.

Today we’re talking to you, who are looking for the best tips to make your beard denser. Ask and you shall receive !

How to get a fuller beard ?

First, it is important to understand that hair density varies from one man to another. Several factors are responsible for this wide variation: genetics, lifestyle (diet, physical activity, sleep, etc.), and lifestyle.) and maintenance.

Genetics are largely responsible.

Genetic heritage plays a big role in the hairiness of your face. The amount of hair on your face as well as the nature of your beard depend on your genetic makeup. Indeed, some men can let their beard grow quickly while others can wait several days and find that, despite this, the density is not there.

For example: If in your family, men tend to have a lot of beard. Chances are, you’ll have one too. On the other hand, if the men in your family are beardless, the risk of you being beardless is quite high.

Lifestyle plays its own role.

Lifestyle has an important role in the health of your beard. In fact, by adopting a healthy lifestyle, you put all the chances on your side to have a beautiful skin and a healthy beard.

The criteria to take into account are :

  • Diet of course;
  • Regular physical activity;
  • The quality of your sleep;
  • Sufficient hydration every day.

Taking care of your beard for better results.

Finally, the care you give your beard also plays an important role in its density. It takes patience to grow a beard: some men can have a satisfactory beard in 3 days, others will have to wait 10 days to obtain a similar result. So, in addition to taking care of it, you have to give it the time it needs.

The more you take care of it, with adapted products such as special shampoo, beard oil, exfoliating care etc. The more beautiful, strong and dense your hair will be.

If you don’t give your beard all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to grow, chances are it won’t grow the way you want.

How to get more hair ?

Magic cannot work in your case, the number of hair bulbs is already defined in your genetic code, we can not add. Before you say goodbye to your hair and turn to articles on how to trim your beard, know that there are tips to help you get a fuller and denser beard simply and naturally.

Food supplements.

You can read in various places that food supplements can help you achieve a fuller, denser beard. For this, it is advisable to turn to your pharmacist or your barber who can give you more information on the subject.

Care products based on vegetable oils.

These are essential if you want to improve the density of your beard, make it softer, shinier and healthier ! The secret lies in beard oil or beard balm.

To make a beard more dense and full, turn to care products based on castor oil supplemented by argan oil, jojoba, avocado, grape seed etc. These different oils provide all the vitamins, moisture and protection your hair needs.

Castor oil is the key element in this composition as it is known to accelerate hair growth while giving them strength and shine. Use it daily in your care routine and be patient. Results are not instantly visible.

There is no need to use too much beard oil, as it will not be fully absorbed by your hair and skin. Be sure to massage the root of your hair with the castor oil so that the bulb can absorb all the nutrients and take full advantage of its many benefits.

There is no such thing as miracle hair growth.

Keep in mind that castor oil combined with the other ingredients of your beard oil can make the beard denser, fuller, more qualitative but it has no miracle effect on the hair.

The hairless areas are not further stimulated and the hair does not grow magically. However, the areas where your hair is already present are more beautiful, the hair is healthier, making the whole more harmonious.
If you have holes in your beard, castor oil will stimulate the surrounding hair to fill in visible holes. The result is much more aesthetic !