Zika it is alarm from Switzerland 28 cases including many pregnant women

Zika, it is alarm from Switzerland: 28 cases including many pregnant women

What European and American experts prophesied and feared happened. In reality, on May 18, a report of the European Office of the WHO; WHO, stated that there was a concrete risk of the probability of the Zika Virus Focolas in Europe. The study had explained how the same tiger could become a carrier for the Zika. classifying the “light to moderate” danger depending on the country, with Italy; Italy which, together with France, is considered among those most at risk.

Now the news has only been confirmed that the alarm comes from nearby Switzerland where 28 cases of people with the Zika virus have been reported so far. This was communicated today;. Among the infected there are several pregnant women.

The UFSP specifies that it is the number recorded since the obligation to communicate, in March, and that &#8220 was introduced more or less to what we expected ” of the transmissible diseases division of the#8217; UFSP Daniel Koch at Blick. Last week there were 27 cases and at the beginning of May were 16. Normally the Zika virus is relatively harmless, but it is a source of concern if contracted by future mothers. The pregnant women who are affected by Zika in Switzerland are all being treated, added Koch without providing precise information on the health conditions of the patients. It is difficult to say how the situation in Switzerland will evolve at the case of cases, has pointed out.

Meanwhile, in the last few hours a case of contagion is also suspected in Italy in Modena. Giovanni d ’ Agata, president of the “Rights Desk”, always punctual in notifying citizens, recalls that the Zika virus is mainly transmitted by the stings of the mosquito of the genus Aedes Aegypti but the fear is that Zika can adapt over time to be transmitted through the tiger mosquito. In this case the disease could be spread quickly also in our part. At this point prevention becomes even more important.

The tiger mosquito lives outdoors and prefers eggs in open areas, such as parks, but also courtyards, laying eggs in small water collections. For this, it is necessary to monitor all the areas where water stagnates, such as the saucers of plants and flowers, the flower beds and the ornamental tanks and fountains, any container left outdoors, the gutters. We must absolutely avoid leaving stagnation of water. If you have fountains in your gardens you should put red fish inside, which are large predators of the mosquito larvae.

On the market there are also specific larvicidal products that are purchased in the pharmacy. In most people, zika infection is asymptomatic. In 20-40% of cases fever, rashes, headache and joint pain may occur.

If to have contracted the virus is a pregnant woman, there is instead the danger that the childhood child is suffering from microcephaly or present other malformations of the skull and the brain.