Valerian what kind of drug

Valerian, what kind of drug

In order to calm states of agitation or as a sedative for sleep disorders, the ideal is to use the Valerian, An officinal plant whose rhizome and dried roots are used to treat different nervous disturbances.

What Valeriana is used for

It is used because inside it contains acidic details that are able to inhibit the activity of the GABA (the gamma-aminobutirrico acid), a chemical mediator responsible for neuronal etchitability.

Valerian is available in various forms: tablets, candies, herbal tea, mother tincture (a herbal preparation obtained by maceration of Valerian in water and alcohol, also called "hydroalcohol extract") and can be purchased in the pharmacy, parapharmacy or herbal medicine.

As for the supplements, Two administrations per day are recommended for a total of 300-500 mg of extract, for at least a month.

  • If you want to act on sleep, one of the two daily doses must be taken about 30 minutes before bedtime.
  • If it is used to check the anxiety, it can be administered in the morning and late afternoon.

Generally the tablet they contain a variable dose between 45 and 300 mg of dry extract; To find out the amount of dry extract by weight, just check the information shown on the package, which can also include advice for hiring.

The doses

For those who use the mother tincture bottle The assumption of 40 drops is generally recommended, while the Valerian in drops It is suggested in variable doses depending on the problem you want to solve, and can be diluted in water.

Some known side effects are due to excessive and continuous use and they are migraine, insomnia, excitability, bradycardia (decrease in heart rate), increase in pressure.

It is not recommended to use Valerian during pregnancy and breastfeeding and in children under six years.

Furthermore, it must not be taken simultaneously with other drugs such as barbiturates, since the risk is to create an excessive state of sedation.