Rime and his Meringues de Botterens

Angélo Rime and his Meringues de Botterens

It is an amusing story that of Angelo Rime, this swiss baker who became in half a century the most famous Pope of Meringue . Installed in Botterens In the canton of Fribourg, Angélo Rime started by making meringues with his surplus egg whites. Very quickly overwhelmed with orders, he could not even find the time to make his bread. Convinced of the bright future of this pastry and seeing it as a good opportunity to make his job as a baker less arduous, he decided in 1964 to devote himself exclusively to the meringue . His reputation is now worldwide. Despite his death in 2006, his family continues to carry on the traditions and know-how of this artisan-meringuier for our greatest pleasure !

What is the secret of Angélo Rime’s Meringues ?

As everyone knows, a meringue is first of all egg white and sugar . Only there are a thousand ways to prepare it. We will talk about French meringue when egg whites are beaten with caster sugar, from Swiss meringue when egg whites are beaten with caster sugar, or when egg whites are beaten with powdered sugar, or Italian meringue when the egg whites are mixed with cooked sugar. Despite the origins of Angélo Rime , the meringue that made it famous is made in the French way.

A cleverly worked out dosage of egg whites and sugar as well as a drying method adjusted to the degree by the master make his meringues unique.

How to enjoy Angélo Rime’s Meringues ?

Using a pastry bag, the meringues of Angelo Rime have a very singular shape. Small, they are most often sold in boxes of 16. Thanks to a drying process carried out at a higher temperature, the sugar caramelizes slightly, giving it a golden color golden coloring to the meringues .

Very airy, they are almost fragile. To avoid the accident of course, it is advisable to handle them with delicacy. When tasted, Angélo Rime’s meringues are particularly light and melt instantly in the mouth . I don’t know what their secret is, but despite the passing days, the meringues remained intact and kept all their qualities.

By Switzerland , the meringues are especially tasted during the Benichon which takes place on the 3rd Sunday of October. Popular festival par excellence, the Benichon brings together the inhabitants of the villages of the canton of Fribourg for a traditional meal of the most copious. Mutton stew with grapes , Leg of lamb, Cheeses and Cabbage soup are for example among the pleasures.

For dessert, we accompany the Meringues of double cream from Gruyère ! The greediest can even add fruit or ice cream. I let you imagine the result 😉

Where to find Angélo Rime’s Meringues ?

To be sure to find these famous meringues, the best way is still to go to their store store in Botterens in Switzerland. In a magnificent farmhouse typical of the region, the store also enjoys a sumptuous setting on the edge of the Lake Gruyere .

Unless you’re Johnny Hallyday’s cousin, you don’t have the opportunity to go and relax in the Swiss countryside every day. Also, what a surprise to find the Meringues from Angelo Rime at my favorite cheese shop, the Fromagerie Langlet-Hardouin du Marché Beauvau . I tried to contact the factory to find out about other outlets in Paris and to let you benefit from them, but since they import them into France through an intermediary, they lose track of them after the border. I call on you, dear readers, to share in the comments other Parisian addresses where to get these delicious meringues.