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What’whether it is’dental implantology ?

Dental implantology is an operation performed by a dental surgeon. It refers to the placement of small metal cylinders on the base of a missing tooth. These small cylinders are called dental implants. The goal is to provide patients who are about to lose their jawbone with artificial teeth.

L’dental implantology This is an alternative to wearing a dental prosthesis. It is a prerequisite for the installation of a dental prosthesis. The surgical act is simple, painless and without after-effects, despite some minor incidents.

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Dental implantology: what is it? ?

On this site, you can discover that implantology is a new way of treating teeth part of dental surgery. In concrete terms, it consists of attaching dental implants to the root of a damaged or missing tooth. To understand how this works, it would be interesting to expose the anatomy of a tooth. Our teeth are made up of two components: the crown, which emerges when the mouth is open, and the root, covered by the gum, which is part of the jawbone.

Dental implantology aims to put in place a dental root to supplement the missing root. The implant, once inserted in the alveolar bone, looks like a screw. That said, it cannot alone compensate for the loss of a genuine tooth.

Its main function is to stabilize a false crown.

Dental implantology: what is it?

When should it be used ?

A solid set of teeth is necessary for chewing food. In addition to this comfort, it enhances the physical appearance. As soon as a patient has had a number of teeth pulled, his dentist usually suggests this solution.

Decay is the number one enemy of teeth. Then comes the loosening or the wear of a badly treated tooth. When the patient does not want to wear a dental prosthesis because it is inconvenient, he must consider the solution of implantology. The partial or total loss of teeth is not only a problem of disgrace.

It can be the cause of voice deformation. It is possible that the remaining teeth are abnormally arranged.

Before taking this decision, it is advisable to be examined by a practitioner. Only he will be able to judge the right time for a dental implant. The patient must have excellent dental hygiene during the operation to avoid complications.

The age of the patient is not a concern, provided that he or she is over 18 years old. It is approximately at this age that the jawbones stop growing.

The contra-indication applies only in the following cases

  • fragile heart ;
  • cardiomyopathies ;
  • recent heart attack ;
  • valvulopathy ;
  • You have an advanced cancerous disease;
  • bone disease;
  • immune disorders ;
  • take immuno-suppressive substances;
  • organ transplantation;
  • some psychiatric disorders;
  • taking medication containing bisphosphonates;
  • positive HIV test.

If the patient recognizes himself in one of these situations, dental implants are strongly discouraged. Serious after-effects can occur after surgery. It is better to wear a dental prosthesis.

How to choose an implantology practice ?

The implantology offices are not all the same. Preferably go to a reputable dental clinic that is experienced in placing implants. Start your search with your company’s dental insurance company.

Ask if its practitioners are qualified in dental implantology and how many implants they perform each year. Do you have a friend or acquaintance who has recently undergone dental implant surgery? ? It’s even better. Word of mouth is a very reliable prospecting technique. Make an appointment with your dentist after you are sure that the operation went without complications and that your friend or acquaintance recommends him/her. Otherwise, it is always possible to take a look at the directory of the National Order of Dental Surgeons.

This one contains the contacts of the experts who operate around your city.

How to choose an implantology practice?

The second criterion to consider before choosing an implantologist is the price of the dental implant. Count between 500 € and 1 500 €. This wide range can be explained by the technical platform and the fees charged by the practitioner. To find the best offer, do not hesitate to ask for information from several practices.

Then compare the proposals by focusing not only on the price, but also on the quality of the services offered.