Box for men to choose or offer Here are 9 ideas to try

Box for men: which one to choose or offer ? Here are 9 ideas to try

The end of year celebrations are approaching and you still have no ideas for your darling or your brother ? You often lack inspiration on Father’s Day ? Boxes especially dedicated to men are popular and adaptable to all. We have selected for you 9 box ideas to discover without delay…

Beauty boxes

The Men’s Box

The Men’s Box is : some brand products and creators from the four corners of the world (clothes, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, bags, watches, etc.) with a value of 50€ to 150€ for each of them as well as a postcard with the presentation of the creator of your product (Edition 5 on La Chaîne des Box).

You can choose from 3 types of subscriptions, without commitment:

  • monthly: 30€ per month;
  • quarterly : 85€ every 3 months ;
  • annual : 25€ per month, 2 boxes offered and a 12 months commitment.

Functioning as a gift card to offer, you can also choose formulas in single payment:

  • 3 months: 100€ ;
  • 6 months : 190€ ;
  • 12 months: 370€.

Big Moustache

Opting for a Big Moustache box means opting for French-made razors, and cosmetics not tested on animals. Choose the number of blades and refills you wish to receive each month (as well as various accessories):

  • from €2.50: “The 3 brothers” (3 blades) and one refill per month;
  • from 3,25€ : “The Terminator” (5 precision blades) and one refill per month.

For an original gift, discover the Complete Beard Box for 55€, containing :

  • 1 beard balm;
  • 1 maintenance kit: comb and scissors ;
  • 1 safety razor with 10 double edge blades;
  • 1 shaving gel of 75 mL ;
  • 1 towel 100% cotton.

box man big moustache box to offer

Gillette Club

King C. Gillette revolutionized the world of shaving in 1901 with its first prototype of disposable razor blades. More than 100 years later, discover the complete King C set. Gillette for 55,39€ (instead of 79,75€) containing :

  • 1 neck razor;
  • 1 beard trimmer ;
  • 1 cleaner ;
  • 1 softening oil.

Other sets are available depending on the shaving routine. In addition to a free trial kit (excluding shipping costs of €3.49), 3 formulas are available, to be received every 2, 3 or 4 months:

  • ProGlide : at 13,99€ ;
  • SkinGuard Sensitive : 11,99€ ;
  • Fusion at 11,99€.

The alcohol boxes

Le Petit Ballon

Le Petit Ballon is a French company that offers its subscribers a monthly wine box of 2 bottles selected by a former sommelier of the Ritz, Jean-Michel Deluc. They come with tasting notes and the Gazette du Petit Ballon (advice, recipes and interviews with winemakers).

Three subscriptions are available, each lasting 3 months:

  • Age of Grape: 71,67€, for a good value for money ;
  • 100 % Bio : 80,67€, to discover organic wines;
  • Bel-Âge : 131,67€, for connoisseurs in search of great vintages.

It is possible to extend your subscription for this wine box up to 24 months. You can also offer a wine box such as Best of subscribers (2 Côtes du Rhône; 2 Okoma from South Africa and 2 Coteaux Bourguignons) for 49€.

Wine box offer

The gastronomic boxes

The Box’Aperitif

Receive every month your Boit’Apéro to enjoy the evening with: a good bottle of wine (red or rosé) and at least 4 local products, gourmet and different: salted and homemade cookies, delicatessen, spreads (terrines, cream of foie gras or tomatoes, eggplant caviar, etc.).). Flavors, discoveries and conviviality will be in your surprise and new box.

  • 1 month : 39€ ;
  • 2 months : 76€ ;
  • 3 months : 111€ ;
  • 6 months: 216€ (€).

Add 6€ of shipping costs for a home delivery. You can also opt for a postal gift card, with the address of your choice, and with a personalized message.

The Cheese Box

Bernard Mure-Ravaud, best worker in France, offers you 4 artisanal cheeses every month, from the best producers in The Cheese Box and packaged in an isothermal package with cooling gel:

  • 1 month subscription (23,95€) ; 3 months (69,95€) ; 6 months (134,95€) ; 12 months (19,95€ per month) ;
  • assortment : Simple, about 550g or Gourmand, about 825g (+9,90 per month) ;
  • selection at the beginning (welcome offer or monthly offer).

Other boxes are to be enjoyed such as the Raclette Box for :

200g or 275g of cheese per person already sliced;

for 4 or 6 guests

100% raw milk or an assortment of 18 cheeses The Alps raw milk, blue cheese, smoked cheese, reblochon, pimento cheese, wild garlic, etc.

The Fondue Box 200g to 250g of cheeses such as Comté, Beaufort, Swiss Gruyère, Vacherin or Emmental.

The other boxes, for s’to open up new worlds

And yes, there are boxes for all tastes and desires !

The Motard Society Box: without commitment, customize your subscription (quarterly at 60€; half-yearly at 115€ or yearly at 210€) and receive equipment and accessories; maintenance products; tools; preferential rates and discounts; magazines; invitations to motorcycle events;

The Vinyl Box: in addition to turntable accessories and other surprises, choose 1 or 2 vinyl records produced in limited edition by Diggers Factory. The 3 month subscription for one vinyl is currently 18€ per month and 33€ per month for 2 vinyls.

The HiTek Box: receive every month products from the world of gaming (games, goodies, accessories selected among fifty brands under official license). Silver, from 4 to 6 products (about 60€) for 29,99€ per month ; Gold, from 6 to 8 products (about 100€) for 49,99€ per month ; Platinium, limited to 200 boxes of 8 to 10 products each (about 200€) for 99,99€ per month.

To offer or to offer oneself, this is the dilemma you have to face now !