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Frigidity: how to overcome it effectively ?

The female sexuality disorders The problems of frigidity are various and varied, and the women who suffer from it live it like a true fatality. At a time when enjoyment is a value very often put in this situation of frigidity becomes very invalidating. However, nothing is irreversible and it is quite possible to help oneself to counter female frigidity and find a fulfilled sexual life.

What is female frigidity? ?

Female frigidity is a sexual desire disorder which is far from being a fatality and which can easily be resolved. Also known as “hypoactive sexual desire disorder”, it manifests itself by a lack of interest in sex. This lack of pleasure can also occur in women who still have sex. If some women are perfectly happy with their lack of interest in sex, others experience it as a real suffering that ends up generating tensions within a couple.

For women, frigidity problems lead to neurotic behavior, vaginismus, vaginal dryness and reluctance to have sex.

The causes of female frigidity

Female frigidity is a real problem for many women who find it difficult to cope. However, to succeed in overcoming effectively this situation, it is essential to know the real cause. Therefore, diseases and medicines are one of the first causes of this frigidity.

It is possible that frigidity appears suddenly or progressively as well as it can remain from the beginning of sexual life. Psychological shocks such as the birth of a child, infidelity or intense stress can also be the cause of frigidity.

In the same way, work, family life or the couple are all aspects that cause stress and exhaustion in women. When a woman finds herself in such a situation, it is obvious that access to pleasure becomes more complicated, as energy is not mobilized for sexuality. Finally, the lack of knowledge of oneself and one’s partner or more precisely a sexual incompatibility within the couple can facilitate the appearance of frigidity.

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Solutions to fight female frigidity

Frigidity can be fought and overcome with medicinal and natural solutions. But, it is important to know before that the food plays an important role on all the aspects of the life and even the sexuality.

Medical treatment

To deal with health problems in general, medical treatment is the first resort for sufferers. However, in the case of female frigidity, it is important to know that to date there is no real medical treatment. Research is still ongoing to find effective treatments for women’s libido and pleasure.

But, you can approach a sexologist or a sex therapist to take stock of the situation. These can help you to locate the source of the discomfort.

However, if medicine is not yet effective enough to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder, nature, especially plants and foods, can help.

The maca of Peru to fight frigidity

To stimulate libido in both men and women, maca from Peru is widely used. Indeed, it is an entirely natural solution that helps to overcome the desire failures that can occur at any time. It must be said that it is a food that contains all the essential nutrients that are carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, fiber and minerals.

If formerly the maca of Peru was used in various forms: dried, raw, cooked, in seasoning or even in the cakes, one finds it henceforth most often in the form of food complement, in capsules, click here to know more. It is thus beneficial effects against fatigue and lack of energy. For this reason, maca from Peru is particularly targeted at various sexuality disorders in both women and men.

Ginger roots

In addition to maca from Peru, there are other natural remedies that you can incorporate into your diet on a regular basis in order to effectively overcome frigidity. Thus, ginger roots have most often aphrodisiac properties allowing to fight the hypoactive desire disorder in women. This root has the ability to stimulate sexual excitement and women suffering from frigidity can use it to solve the problem.

For this, it is advisable to consume the ginger root regularly in the form of an extract so that it acts on the body as a nutritive tonic.

The other super foods to fight frigidity

Nowadays, frigidity is far from being a taboo subject and it is no longer a fatality for women who suffer from it. Thus, nature provides everything to effectively overcome this sexual disorder as is the case with chives. Used as a condiment in cooking, it boosts the levels of sexual hormones as well as the erotic feelings of the woman.

Its richness in manganese, calcium, iron and potassium makes it a recommended food for people prone to chronic fatigue and lassitude and thus frigidity.

Similarly, royal jelly is a food known for its aphrodisiac virtues and its ability to boost morale and sexual desire. It is the same for raw cocoa which is a natural aphrodisiac. By consuming it in the form of dark chocolate squares or in its original form, you are sure to overcome frigidity.

Finally, wild yam is also a food that works wonders in the fight against frigidity. One of the reasons for this is that it is a natural steroid that helps restore sexual vigor. You can also use pumpkin seeds and fenugreek as remedies for female frigidity.