How to cross the border between Cambodia and Vietnam by Ha Tien

How to cross the border between Cambodia and Vietnam through Ha Tien

Crossing the border between cambodia and vietnam via ha tien is very easy. In kep and kampot there are many’agencies that sell bus tickets to vietnam. If you have the’If you are planning to travel from cambodia to can tho, the agencies also sell tickets for the trip’bus to this delta town for $17.

Make the trip without any agency involved

These agencies end up putting tourists on public buses, so the final trip is just as long and uncomfortable as if you were doing it alone. C’This is why I recommend you to make the trip without any agency involved. In addition to not being as complicated as’it n’it seems, c’It is also cheaper ($14)

Cambodia – ha tien

The first step is to go to the border town of ha tien. In kep, there are several agencies that sell tickets to this city for $7. C’is the price of’a van that picks you up at 10:30 am at the’It will take you to the city. A ticket to the border also costs $7, so it is more affordable and convenient (it is not necessary to buy one)’there is no public transportation from the border to ha tien) to pay the fare to the city.

An inhabitant m’said that’there is a public bus that goes from kampot to ha tien via kep. Of course, the agencies do not have to pay anything’have not clarified the issue for me and I don’t know what to do’I never saw such a bus at the station or on the road, so I can’t say anything about it. But if you find it, you are lucky. The ticket, m’said the boy, costs $ 5 to ha tien.

At the border between Cambodia and Vietnam

Once at the border, the driver will ask you for your passport to complete the formalities for leaving Cambodia. It’s rare that the driver will ask you to take a taxi’money to do this procedure, but s’it does it, you only have to pay for it’You don’t have to pay anything. S’he insists, you can do the paperwork yourself.

C’is as simple as’approach the window.

Once you have stamped your passport with the Cambodian exit stamp, you will have to cross the no man’s land’s land until’at the border of vietnam. There, you will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire and your temperature will be measured. They will also ask you a dollar for the stamp. Most travelers pay for it, but it’s not worth it’is actually a dollar that goes into the pocket of the man who is planning to travel from cambodia to ha tien’occupies the thermometer. You don’You don’t have to pay this money, and the way not to do it is simple: say that you don’t want to pay it’have no hostel’money. It worked for me.

It m’even looked with a sad face.

Ha tien – can tho

The van if’stop in a travel agency in ha tien. If you ask for the bus to can tho, they will tell you that’it costs 10$ and leaves at 2$, that’s why I recommend you to do the trip without any agency involved’is the same public bus that the locals use and for which they pay no more than 6$. If you want to pay as a local, you can go to the train station by motorcycle cab ($1) or, if you have a ha tien card and your luggage is light, you can walk to the station.

This is not’is not too far away. Once there, ask for the bus to can tho. You will be asked for 130,000 donkeys that you will have to pay in the bus and they will not give you any ticket in return.

Don’t worry, they don’t rip you off.

After 5 hours of faster-than-light bus ride and a stop at a gas station for dinner, you will arrive in can tho around 8pm.